About Boyce Lumber

Boyce Lumber & Design Center has been building Western Montana for over 85 years. We opened our doors in 1937 and have been committed to helping contractors and homeowners make informed decisions about the products they put in their homes ever since.  We pride ourselves on providing quality building materials, value, and exceptional service to everybody that walks through our doors. 

Our Family Business

The Boyce Lumber story began in the early 1930s when Al Boyce passed through Missoula on his way to Seattle. He was so impressed with the town he vowed to return. In 1936, despite the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, Al and his family left Florida and headed to Montana. They towed their belongings behind his old car in a trailer, camping along the way.

When they arrived in Missoula, Al set up a tent, and this is where the family lived for their first year in Montana. In 1937, Al borrowed $500 from a family member and purchased the block of land that Boyce Lumber still occupies today. Boyce Lumber Company started out with a planer mill and a small warehouse. As time passed, Al built a small store with living quarters above where he, his wife Ida, and their three children lived.

Back in those days, the fields surrounding Missoula were pink with Bitterroots. Ida used to tell stories about Native Americans migrating into the valley in the spring, setting up their teepees, and harvesting Bitterroots for medicine. Occasionally she would pay them a visit, bringing delicious homemade gifts.

As time passed, Boyce Lumber continued to grow. They survived poor economic conditions, hostile competitors, and some plain bad luck. Al persevered through it all as his love for Missoula overshadowed the adversities.

One generation after the next has taken over the reins. Each new generation has needed to be innovative to keep the lumberyard operating successfully and continue building Western Montana. In the early 2000s, the big box stores moved into Missoula, and Boyce Lumber’s sales were significantly impacted. The store was surviving but not really thriving. Then General Manager and co-owner, Steve Boyce, his father Bob, and brother Jack decided they needed to make major changes. 

They began by building a state-of-the-art drive-thru lumber facility to compete. Several years later, they decided to take their lumberyard to the next level and build a Design Center. The Boyce’s’ wanted a place to display building products so customers would be able to see and touch the items they were considering using in their homes. Their investment paid off. The Design Center brought more people through their doors. They begin assisting their contractor’s customers in their product decision making. They also developed a completely new clientele made up of architects and designers. The Design Center even won first place in a national competition!

Five generations of Boyce have now worked in the business. Boyce looks forward to serving Western Montana for another 80+ years. The family attributes their longevity to loyal customers and great employees.

Building materials backed by over 85 years of expertise.